Hybrid, stainless steel and resin chains

Corrosion-resistant roller chains based on Regina's long-standing experience and technology.

Hybrid series chains have great advantages:

•    no lubrication needed
•    excellent resistance to corrosion and moisture or aggressive environments
•    suitability for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and marine sectors
•    for the same size they are much lighter (about 50%) than standard chains
•    high quietness
•    easy cleaning
•    blue colour (the only one allowed and certified for direct contact with foodstuffs)
•    cost savings compared to the same all-stainless steel chain
•    possibility of using the full range of standard chain links
•    operating temperature -40°C - +80°C

Available in single and double types in EUROPEAN-UNI and AMERICAN-ASA series

For any further information: info@franciacatene.it