FliteTop slat top chains

Steel, thermoplastic resin slat top chains for curved and straight paths for modular conveyor construction.


If the need is to build belts with slat top chains, this patented FliteTop® line offers optimal solutions for both straight and curved paths. The chains, a very wide range in terms of type and design, are made of carbon steel, stainless steel or thermoplastic resin, with sizes, designs and characteristics for every application and radius of curvature, even particularly small ones.

Particularly interesting, innovative and high-performance are the slat chains for the construction of spiral accumulation conveyors. They consist of a carbon steel chain integrating bearings and resin shutters. Ideal for heavy loads.

Other chain models incorporate vulcanised rubber inserts on their surface to enable the transport of products on inclined lines.

GRIPPER, on the other hand, identifies a slat chain specifically for elevators. It is characterised by vulcanised rubber pads on the plate of different designs to exert pressure on both rigid, heavy and small, fragile containers.

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