Scales, winches and lifting equipment

Complete assemblies for lifting heavy and bulky materials: scales, small hoists and winches, cranes, magnetic lifters and lifting clamps.

Modular systems for lifting loads. Their composition and modularity is based on the assembly of units in various configurations.
Load capacity: 1.000 to 10.000 daN

Winches with traction brake
Devices used for towing and pulling. For safety reasons, they are not to be used for lifting.
Load capacity: 350 to 1.150 daN

Wire rope hoists
Ideal for lifting, pulling, and positioning.
They are mainly used in fields such as mechanics, hydraulics, construction, agriculture, and in the laying of electrical cables. Operation is by means of a control lever with two jaw blocks that alternately move the cable without winding and lock it without deforming it.
Load capacity: 500 to 3.200 daN
Safety factor: 4 for traction; 6 for lifting

Bipolar lever-operated permanent magnetic lifters
Compact, small in size and weight but extremely powerful and with unrivalled lifting power.
They lift both flat and round workpieces and leave no magnetic residue without external emergence (no current).
The load must be ferromagnetic and have a flat, clean surface of adequate thickness.
Load capacity for flat surfaces: 100 to 6,000 daN
Load capacity for round surfaces: 300 to 2,000 daN

Sheet lifting clamps
Suitable for lifting and transporting sheets and steel products in a vertical position. They are equipped with a locking and anti-slip safety device.
Variable capacities depending on model: 500 to 30,000 daN


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