Elastic joints

Elastic torsion joints to compensate for small alignment defects when connecting rotating shafts. A range for every assembly requirement.

We provide:

- cast iron (GET series), or aluminium (GET SG series) joints with snap ring, consisting of two cast iron half-shells with star-shaped elastic element made of thermoplastic rubber. They withstand even critical operating temperatures of -40° to + 90° C.

- GF series elastic steel joints with polyamide sleeve and GFA series elastic steel joints with very high tensile strength. They compensate radial and angular misalignments, absorb axial slippage. Very quiet and resistant to aggressive chemical substances. Self-lubricated.

- GC-GL series cast-iron flexible joints with rubber plugs, consisting of two perfectly symmetrical half couplings.

- cast iron elastic joints with elastic disc GP series. The snap ring can be easily replaced without shifting the coupled elements. The GPF version has an elastic coupling disc.

- rubber flexible joints GIUBO series. Consisting of rubber plugs arranged in hexagonal or octagonal form with metal parts with through holes for fixing to shafts.

- SPEFLEX series steel flexible joints with rubber collar. High elasticity, damping of overloads and vibrations, silent, no friction. They allow angular offsets of up to 4° and radial offsets of 4 mm.


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