In Italy, FRANCIA is synonym for transmission chains

Transmission chains, industrial wheels, belts, lifting systems
and technical components. Stock availability.

Our products are used by well-known companies in a variety of industries such as food processing, packaging, automatic machine building, and pharmaceuticals. We are known for the quality, durability, and reliability of the products we can supply in a short time thanks to special agreements with several leading national manufacturers.

We serve the entire country and we also supply other European countries.

We are committed to having a broad assortment of products and to providing clients with a quick and high-quality customer service.
When it comes to choosing the right chain, or other technical components for conveyor systems, Francia Catene is the best choice.

Transmission, transport and lifting chains, one of the most complete supply on the market. Unparalleled specialisation and range.

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Chains and Accessories

Slat top conveyor chains and modular belts in steel, plastic or resin. For straight or curved paths in any industrial application.

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Slat top conveyor chains, belts

We can supply any type of metal conveyor belt for every kind of application. Also, complete conveyor systems, both straight and curved, idle, or motorised.

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Conveyor belts

Gears and sprockets for simple chains or complete with bearing, straight-toothed sprockets in steel or nylon, bevel gears. Standard parts or special machining to drawing

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Gears and racks

From the transmission of motion with chains or gears, to the one with belts and pulleys. Advanced materials and construction systems for high yields.

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Belts and transmission pulleys

Assembling conveyor modules: a question of design, functionality, durability of components designed and built to last.

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Conveyors and components

IPOLYZENE® polyethylene is the focus of this section. Guides and profiles in this material that is so versatile due to its qualities and ease of processing.

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Guides, profiles and polizene plates

We deal with worm gearboxes, coaxial gearboxes, variable speed drives, angular transmissions, and electric motors.

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Speed reducers and motors

Components for the construction of linear systems, complete carriages with driven rollers, complete modules with belt or recirculating ball bearings. Customisation to drawing.

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Linear motion systems

The range includes steel universal joints, also complete with shafts, chain flexible joints, elastic torsion joints in cast iron, aluminium, steel, rubber elastic joints and complete universal drives.

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Transmission joints

The industrial handle and hardware items we represent are from a well-known manufacturer famous for high quality and aesthetic standards.

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Industrial handles and knobs

Wheels for industrial applications of all types and requirements, in all materials and for all load capacities.

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Industrial wheels

Manual or electrical components and systems for anchoring, lifting and transporting.

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Lifting and Carrying

Rubber anti-vibration components, rubber protective bellows, forks, bearing balls, bearing supports and many other complementary technical products for your mechanical constructions.

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Complementary technical articles

Technical safety guards, safety barriers, mobile walls, or perimeter technical fencing. Various solutions for any kind of applications.

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