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HYBRID chains. No corrosion.

Stainless steel and plastic. A perfect fusion of different elements for very special applications.

A manufacturer that is a guarantee: the Regina Group. A corrosion-resistant roller drive chain, combining the strength and performance of stainless steel with the sliding properties of acetal resin**, which is maintenance-free, lubrication-free, easy to clean and quiet.

The main advantage is certainly that it costs less than an all-stainless-steel chain, but you should consider that its breaking strength is certainly lower.
The inner mesh is a single piece moulded in resin and therefore has no rotating rollers.
It is particularly recommended for handling in the industries:
- food
- pharmaceutical
- chemical
- marine

** acetal resin
Crystalline polymer with excellent mechanical properties, dimensional stability, processability.
It is characterised by high fatigue strength, a low coefficient of friction, and high compressive and impact strength even at low temperatures. Particularly suitable for food contact

For any further information: info@franciacatene.it